April 24, 2014

Nintendo 3ds Review

nintendo3dsWe Review the Latest Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo continues to be at the forefront of gaming technology, in the handheld category, with the release of the advanced and latest Nintendo 3DS.  Thats right, gaming in 3D – without the geeky glasses! So does the newest release Nintendo 3DS press all the right buttons and have the wow factor? Read this Nintendo 3DS review and find out.


Well, its 3D with no glasses and it’s pretty darn impressive. To make the most of the 3D technology and avoid eye strain, you have to hold the console about 12 inches from your face. You can turn the 3D on or off or change its depth with a simple slider and it has a built in motion and gyro sensor. There is a strong line up of games and you can play older titles with the exception of the larger Game Boy Advance carts.


Price Tag.  At 250 dollars US or 175 GB pounds, it’s not the cheapest out there. And for that price, you could very well get yourself a full size console like the Wii or the Xbox. Also, the screen size while suitable for handheld, might be a bit small for some users even with the 3D and only the upper screen has the 3D system. The latest Nintendo DS is also a chunky unit for your back pocket but it will be at home in a larger backpack.


All in all, those who into handheld gaming will absolutely love the newest addition from possibly the world’s best selling handheld console maker and you still play all the new 3DS titles and existing DSi/DS games. Those who have not grasped the idea of hand held or mobile gaming might be transformed into an addict and supporter of the latest Nintendo DS with the promise of 3D photography and augmented reality.